Zune not updating

After all you will get a error message: IU (", the update cab is only a dummy and is neeaded to activate the Backup process. my hughest Backup was 5,4 GB - it was before Mango, with pre Mango Mango RTM and the updates before.INFO: to see this path/files, you have to activate under windows explorer folder options "visible hidden files" The Backup files you will find in C:\Users\User Name\App Data\Local\Microsoft\Windows Phone Update such as this folder name d4e21648 - xxxxxx - xxxxxx - xxxxxxx. After Restorations connect again with ZUNE, then you get your manufacturer App Store also back yeeah, a long time i search a simple but effective 100% device Backup Method (SMS/Email/Whats APP) also......... It did create a new restore point which is 1.7 Gb, Less 1Gb I had before 2. After latest Mango update, my sorage are cleand and have now 2,4 GB with Navigon EU Cards I use this Tool/Method a Long time.

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Do you think it could take like hours to complete the update?

I'm afraid that there might be something wrong with my phone or laptop. The last version of WP you can install on your Lumia 610 is Windows Phone 7.8.

Getting tired of waiting for the Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update to show up on my HTC Windows Phone in India, I decided to force my Windows Phone to update. Here is how you can trick your Zune software and Windows Phone to update to Mango. Connect your Windows Phone to your Windows PC and let Zune software launch. If not, click on any other option in the menu, above or below the Update option.

Make sure that your PC is connected to the Internet. Click on Phone Update and see if you are being offered the update on its own. Now click again on the Update option – and within 2 seconds of having clicked on it, disconnect your PC from the Internet.

I've attached an image of how it looks like since two hours ago. The exact version is 7.10.8862.144, released the 14th March 2013, as you can see in the WP 7.8 versions history table.

Assuming the download doesn't take too long, the update should take 30-40 minutes. For your information, my Lumia is still in the 6 of 10 step in updating. Currently, I've kept my phone connected to the laptop for 12 whole hours. I tried to update it later and it took like an hour to complete. Because the first time I did, I did not set the country of both lumia phone and my laptop to the same country.

However for some of us this won’t work out of the box.

The impact of this is that syncing your phone to your PC is prevented, which means that photos and videos can’t be saved to your computer and music can’t be copied to your phone.

When you then connect your phone and start ZUNE, and search to updates, ZUNE tell you "your phone software is actuall" and you get the RESTOREPOINT. and I mean the games score also chevron unlock and interop-unlock also. I tried with Second Option which says Send Cab to Device with backup. Here is an error message which says Checking your phone's status: Completed in 0.01 seconds Checking system requirements: Completed in 0.13 seconds Downloading updates: Completed in 2.24 seconds Checking system requirements: Completed in 0.02 seconds Transferring updates: Completed in 0.53 seconds Preparing to install: Completed in 2.02 seconds Restarting your phone: Completed in 29.83 seconds Creating a backup: Completed in 338.81 seconds Installing updates: Completed in 528.61 seconds Checking your phone's status: Completed in 0.01 seconds Restarting your phone: Completed in 50.91 seconds Completing updates: Completed in 15.91 seconds Error: Update device 56b5a2d7 - 5920bd2b - 21c71ed1 - 04fd177b Complete with error code : 80180011, error message: IU (Image Update) installation failed on phone: None of the packages in the update are applicable. I have Backup and Restotes few Times my Omnia7, HTC Mozart and my Toshiba TG01. Don't know- I'm Not a Bug expert- but i can das it works for ne, without ans problems. The whole Backup procces make ZUNE ans Not this Tool, this Tool forces ZUNE to Backup the device Cheers, miro Thank you.

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