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While this right is essential, it can […] Welcome beautiful people of the internet!

I’m Jay, coming at you with my first ever blog post. I shift uncomfortably in my seat because I don’t know the answer.

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Just say hello, and if you like, greet others when they arrive. Handy to check if you are wearing an appropriate expression. A few weeks ago, one of our chat regulars passed away at a young age, from a chronic illness.

You will get an idea of who is a regular, and who will greet you time after time, and you can return their greeting. People in chat can talk all at once, and even have multiple conversations. You can take your time in responding to a question – even several minutes! We all felt the loss, even if we hadn’t talked to him much, we got to know his sense of humor, his personality, and his spirit.

To report idiots in chat, click through to their profile, hit "Report User" link.

The chatroom moderators have a * after their names.

I’d like to address the latter group here, and list some reasons why I think chat rooms can be especially beneficial to those on the autism spectrum. A chat room can be confusing at first if you’ve never experienced it. In chat, you can pinpoint where the topic changed, by scrolling up. So the NT's are thrown off a bit, kind of like we Aspies are in in-person conversation. Learn new and exciting words, like wb, or -__- or o_O! Also, learn the special secret tricks of chat, like how to do an action, or change your font color. Like the olden days of passing language down by word of mouth. When chatting with people using a webcam, you can look at their faces without making eye contact! I haven’t given up my social media, but I prefer chat when I’m in the mood for human interaction. Chat has become an integral part of my social life.

But if you hang around long enough, you’ll get used to the flow. It’s okay to sit back and observe until you feel comfortable. You can chat by text with them if you’re not on cam yourself. If you turn on your webcam, you can see yourself on screen, like a rear view mirror. My cyber-acquaintances are important connections to me, who I enjoy interacting with, and sharing ups and downs with, unbounded by geography and with an unlimited variety of life backgrounds.

There was something intimidating, and risky about the idea, and its stereotype as a hangout for lowlifes and losers.

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