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What if you weren't the loyalty above freedom type?

What if the only one you met like you was an insane monster named Orochimaru?

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Science loving suicidal insert falls into the Naruto world.

What happens when an insert dies for a second time? Alt titles: Zombie Chakra Science or Black Cat Science.

Or: wow i gave sakura a bad™ childhood and her team's gonna have to pull each other out of their respective dark places. welp the Naruto fandom has well and truly sucked me into its depths.

Have this relatively angsty Sakura fic because there is literally no way my limited writer skills can fix the gigantic holes Kishi has left for his fans. and the bloody, difficult path to be a ninja remotely near their idolized jounin sensei.

Compare 108, 13 Is Unlucky and the Number of the Beast.

Note: This is not a repository for every time the number 4 just happens to appear in a work (or for series where the fourth installment was particularly bad), this is for when the trope is consciously addressed.Powerful, usually Villainous, groups of four are often given the name of Shitennō, a reference to the Four Heavenly Kings, Buddhist guardian gods of the four cardinal directions.When not directly translated into Four Heavenly Kings, localizations may call them the Elite Four.The mod is still in beta so loads is still being added and there are still bugs.Also the progress bar isn't very accurate but I would say its how much core progress is done until the mod is out of its main development.I have also finished (and sometimes watched over three times) series like Dragon Ball Z, Yu-Gi-Oh (up until 5D's) Love Hina, To Love Ru, D Gray Man, Death Note, Code Geass and many others. I have a few good ideas, most are Naruto storys with the odd Bleach story on the side, but it will not stop there, once i feel more confident in my abilitys i will write longer and better storys and chapters (in short as i am now dont expect epic fight scenes or stemy lemons but i will try) so i am counting on every one that will be supporting me or hateing me please give honest reviews, both good and bad are acceptable but just dont give me shit like "this and that relationship wont happen" or "sasuke could never kill him because he is just a whiney emo bitch" kus i will just point my finger at you and say at the top of my lungs FUCK YOU AND GTFO (like a gentleman of course). Now Natsu has to carry out any and all requests from the girl who is his owner for the day. so let's see what will happen to the girls in Fairy Hills and a very horny Natsu?

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