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Depending on your needs and spending habits, some cards are indeed sometimes better than others.

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En español | When it comes to credit card payment strategies, it's not always so easy to determine which debt to pay first.

Most financial experts will suggest paying off credit cards with the highest interest rates first.

That's terribly disheartening for most consumers month after month.

Imagine paying $200 a month on a $5,000 credit card bill and then seeing a statement indicating that your balance only shrank by $30, because $170 went to interest charges.

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Personally, I don't subscribe to this well-intentioned advice, mainly because it clearly doesn't work for most people.

Money can be a stressful factor in any relationship.

When there are intermingling finances, bills to be paid and considerations to be made about saving for the future, money can become a source of conflict.

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"I was stunned at how quickly Visa and Master Card moved to say they weren't going to be involved in that anymore, they were incredible corporate citizens," Dart told Buzz Feed News.

Sometimes all credit cards can seem alike — or, at least, not different enough to spend a lot of time trying to figure out their differences.

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