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A few days after releasing the update for Window Live Mail 2012 (KB3093594), Microsoft received feedback that it was causing a lot of issues and killing the Mail app.I have a friends who wants to sync her ipad and iphone calendars with her PC using windows live mail client on a windows 7 PC which is connected to her domain name using POP the mail is already set up - and I know shes using POP on the Windows Live Mail client on the pc to access her email which is using her own domain email service dont know whos hosting and also dont know at this stage if its allows imap visiting next week - so would like a few ideas and maybe links to websites, where i can be prepared and know what to lookfor to setup depending on if we only have POP available and if we change to imap also if we need to use other services like icloud Thanks in advance - I know my way around a PC OK - but not the apple products Sync WLM & Ipad calendar - from Ipad/Iphone to WLM i have just set up the calendar sync i setup a account and setup on WLM, Iphone and Ipad and then updated the calendar on the PC via WLM and also on the online web calendar and synced from the windows live mail to the calendar and all worked well , in both directions also events created in and inm WLM sync with the ipad and iphone , and if deleted in iphone or ipad are also deleted from the WLM & calendars i do have an issue with the ipad and iphone though ipad and iphone - calendar events created on these two items are not synced back to the / WLM calendar but they do sync with each other all OK WLM == wlm/if i setup an event in the WLM calendar and delete it via the ipad or iphone - it is deleted from the WLM/calendars so what does not work is just an event created on ipad or iphone does not sync back to the WLM but they do sync with each other Does NOT work Ipad == It all depends on their e-mail service. However, when it comes to entering the Hotmail data, you should instead enter in their e-mail address, e-mail server, etc.

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i OS can sync calendar, contact, and e-mail information from certain accounts.

Gmail is one of them where it can sync everything rather easily.

Unfortunately it looks like MS has taken that option away. Windows 7 Forums is an independent web site and has not been authorized, sponsored, or otherwise approved by Microsoft Corporation.

There are a number of different symptoms for synchronization issues.

This happened once before and I was told to do something in Internet Explore which did work but I can't remember what it was.

People running Windows Essentials 2012 on Windows 10 received an email from the Outlook team yesterday informing them of an update for the bundled Windows Live Mail 2012 application required to continue sending and receiving emails on Windows 10.

The application was unable to open the Windows Live Mail message store. I have more than one calendar and have checked adding an event on each of them but the result is the same even though I complete each entry with Save &...

Your Windows Live Mail mailbox data is currently being used by another program...1. File Checker wants me to update Windows Live Mail . Vista calendar had an option to subscribe to online calendars (e.g. I'd love to be able to have my google calendars in a nice-looking desktop client, especially integrated with mail like Windows Live does.

Once you've updated Windows 10 and the Mail and Calendar apps, If you're still experiencing sync issues, choose your specific problem to jump right to a set of steps to fix the issues.

You've just set up a new account and you see the message "Not synced yet" or "we didn't find anything to show here" You aren't seeing older messages or messages are disappearing from your inbox You aren't seeing your older events or events more than a few weeks in the future Your account settings are out-of-date You see error 0x80072726 or 0x85050041 or the message "This device doesn't meet the security requirements set by your email administrator" You see a different error code or your problem isn't listed here When you first add an account to the Mail and Calendar apps, Windows 10 has to contact your email server to download your messages and calendar entries. If it's been longer than that, try the following steps to fix the problem.

However, the update ended up crashing Mail 2012 for a lot of people.

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