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Teams of guests got to enjoy a spectacular unicorn themed party at the Spelling-Mc Dermott's family's Woodland Hills home.

While it looked like the over-the-top party cost a pretty penny, the family-of-seven is said to owe hundreds of thousands to the IRS, American Express and City National Bank, among others.

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Money seemed to be far from the 44-year-old TV heiress's mind however, as she and husband Dean Mc Dermott indulged their little lady in a picture-perfect celebration.

Stella's party looked like a dream-come-true for any princess loving grade schooler, featuring adorable treats, a magical makeup station, a piñata, crafts and much more.

The two each returned home after filming and Mc Dermott was the first one to come clean and end his marriage.

Read on for the details on how Shahnaian found out about his wife’s affair, how he felt about his mother-in-law, and how he met Spelling.

And of course a unicorn party couldn't be complete without one of the magical creatures.

Luckily the party was graced by one of the mythical ponies who looked like the real deal with a glittering horn, braided mane and golden hooves.

"One of my favorite episodes to shoot was the very first episode that I was in, because I wasn't in the pilot of the show.

Tori Spelling pulled out all the stops for daughter Stella's ninth birthday on Saturday.

Benihana demanded the suit be tossed and she pay their legal fees.

Benihana is known for its hibachi-style of cooking which involves using large open teppan grill while customers eat around it.

Shahnian says Spelling officially dumped him in her therapist’s office, where he was told that Spelling didn’t exactly marry him for the right reasons.

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