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Like everything Tareq does–it’s either not legal or a train-wreck; Tareq never procured a permit from Warren County and the neighbors complained; parties in the hot-tub to limos coming up the driveway all hours of the night. Tareq is already in the cruise-ship business—kind of.

The Assistant DA, Dan Whitten said of Tareq’s shoddy business, Tareq of course fought the decision all the way to the Virginia Supreme Court, justice prevailed for the neighbors and sided against Tareq by barring last-minute reprieve, luckily for the neighbors, the Salahi house’s days as a crash pad are over. After his experience with Airbnb, he came up with the idea to use cruise ships as floating hotels at high-profile sporting events, where demand for rooms outstrips supply.

Erstwhile White House State Dinner crasher and “Real Housewives of D.

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lisa salahi, Lisa Spoden, Michaele Salahi, Michaele Schon, MIchale Salahi, neal schon, oasis winery, real housewinos, Tareq Salahi, tareq salahi hotel seas, tareq salahi winetour fraud, virginiawinetour ., since the franchise’s demise, all the wives who appeared on the show have since divorced and/or broke off relationships with their significant others quietly; in Tareq Salahi style, he made his divorce to Michaele a tabloid spectacle as we reported.

After the divorce, Tareq Salahi, could not only not get over Michaele leaving him for an old time flame and rock star, Neal Schon (of the band Journey) Tareq could not get un-attach himself from Bravo TV Network. Tareq still can’t let go of the Real Housewives or Bravo TV, now Tareq’s new wife, Lisa Spoden is enabling Tareq, figuratively and financially, Lisa has reality tv aspirations of her own.

Journey guitarist Neal Schon and reality-TV star Michaele Salahi have set a wedding date. The couple famously crashed a White House gathering in 2009.

The couple — who have been dating for two years — will marry on Dec. “San Francisco has been my home, the city I love, and I am marrying Michaele, the woman of my dreams and the love of my lifetime,” Schon said in a statement. Two years later, her husband reported her missing after she said she was going to her mother’s house.

” the article explains how Tareq’s entertainment “riches” dried up after Tareq let the world know Michale left him for rock star Neal Schon, here are the highlights of the post and then we will talk about Tareq’s new wife, Lisa Spoden. Highlights Since the white house-crasher, Tareq Salahi, has had multiple business failures such as running the family winery, “Oasis” in the ground; allegations of phony corporate sponsorship(s), sponors in general i.e.

Speaking of Michale, The Washingtonian reports Michaele is doing everything she can to distance herself the debacle–assuming she means Tareq and the White House scandal; when the reporter (Luke Millins) contacted Michaele Schon (formerly known as Michaele Salahi), and her husband, Neal Schon, the couple refused to be interviewed unless the reporter signed a contract pledging not to “ was the same one who appeared before a TV reporter in September 2011, looking sweaty and rattled and begging America to believe him. Montell Williams, unhappy customers and unpaid bills-to- running a scam website “virginiawinetours” by scheduling wine tours and taking payments and not delivering which led to subsequent lawsuits (rumor has it Tareq is blaming Michale) to Tareq trying to embarrass his ex wife Michaele by auctioning off stolen bathrobes from hotels and claiming to give a profit to charities–the charities has no idea, to unsuccessful bids to run for office- to renting out his home via Airnb.Neal Schon proposed to Michaele Salahi onstage Sunday night in Baltimore, Md. "I'm glad Michaele's mother and family were there. PHOTOS: Celebrity odd couples Michaele, 47, and Schon, 58, began dating in September 2011 after the reality star ran away from husband Tareq Salahi, 43, and filed for divorce.Michaele told the in September 2011 that she previously dated Schon in the late '90s, but "I chose Tareq over Neal because I thought life would be less stressful living on a vineyard in Virginia. well, I thought I might not have been able to keep up." PHOTOS: Are these reality stars cursed?Setting a date: Michaele Salahi, 48, and Neal Schon, 59. Two years after they got together and a year after a showy mid-concert proposal, the White House-crashing reality TV veteran and her rock-star love have booked a venue and sent save-the-dates out to the media. Why: “San Francisco has been my home, the city I love,” wrote Schon, “and I am marrying Michaele, the woman of my dreams and the love of my lifetime.” Aww. Where: San Francisco’s historic Palace of Fine Arts pavilion.Tareq Salahi promises to stop saying Michaele Salahi is groupie slut. Sources close to the jaded husband of Michaele Salahi say that Tareq he is pitching a dating show to various networks, with the title ... Tareq Salahi has “gone through so many emotions” since his wife Michaele Salahi and Neal Schon ran off together, he doesn't even know where to start.

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