Who is shirley maclaine dating

Publicly she has maintained she did this to save my life.

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She later adapted her mother's maiden name, "Mac Lean," into her stage name of "Mac Laine." The daughter of a drama teacher, she started out as a dancer.

Her parents enrolled her in ballet when she was a toddler.

She landed a part in the chorus in a new production of the musical .

She was a member of the show's chorus as well as an understudy for one of its lead characters.

Three powerful personalities were bearing down on me, forcing me to wilt under their collective will and I couldn’t fight them off.

I didn’t want the Kronhausens to think I wasn’t cool and Brad — like any 17-year-old boy would be — seemed perfectly willing to perform this onerous duty.Mac Laine soon got a taste for performing at a dance school recital.Around this time, she became a big sister with the birth of her brother Warren Beatty.He would grow up to be a successful actor in his own right.During summers during high school, Mac Laine went to New York City to study her craft and to pursue her dream of being an entertainer.She is known for her New Age beliefs, and has an interest in spirituality and reincarnation.

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