Who is jeydon wale dating dating depressed women

He first started creating music at the age of 15 before finding and joining You Tube in November 2007.

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Jeydon got a tattoo that says , which was the time he joined You Tube, and the time his futhermuckers helped him, and he helped them.

You Tube phenomenon with over 900,000 subscribers on his self-titled channel.

He is known for his hip-hop and acoustic music as well as for playing a character named Hunter.

His goal is to make others smile and spread positivity with his content.

His favorite band is The Story So Far, and his current 2015 girlfriend is Sammantha Rochelle.

Jeydon "Wale" of course loves his futhermuckers more than you will ever love anything else.

Being Canadian Web Video Star, he lives quite a luxurious lifestyle compared to most by his age because of his Youtube career he has made a name for himself having a title worthy of a well-deserved net worth with his large fan base through social media but unfortunately because of insufficient information his net worth is kept hidden.

He has been seen dating Samm Rochelle since 2014 another famous Youtuber, but have not been active lately because she is lives in the U. they have not stated if they are still together, but their tweets and Instagram have stopped appearing over time now, and there are no confirmations if she is still his girlfriend.

She receives a lot of engagement on Instagram, receiving anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 likes per photo from her 190,000 Instagram followers.

You Tube phenomenon with over a million subscribers on his channel, Jeydon Wale is known for his hip-hop and acoustic music as well as for playing a character named Hunter in his videos that he uploads on the web.

Folarin discusses the incident on Usher's song "Matrimony": "Cause when we lost our baby, I got shady." The rapper is currently worth million.

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