Who is hannah dating in pretty little liars

Speaking through the door, while Spencer, and Hanna, listened, Caleb explained how he was offered a job when he was with Spencer but he didn't tell Spencer about it. Spaleb shippers everywhere couldn't help but revel in the moment.

Although this was a particularly terrible time for him to admit his feelings (Spencer was still cleaning up the mess that comes with burying a body in the woods) it was also an undeniably cute moment.

However, that has not stopped Ashley, 27, and Tyler, 30, of fueling rumors with PDA-filled selfies on their social media pages.

' st_url=' display Text='Facebook'What this week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, “Birds of a Feather,” lacked in Ezra and Toby hotness (seriously, where the eff were they?!

) made up for in other guy hotness — like the return of Jason and the introduction of Maya’s good-looking cousin, Nate.

“She has a good, specific approach that I really respect, so anytime she and I were able to work together previously, we’ve really enjoyed it.

We would actually joke around together and be like, ‘So, how do we get more time together onscreen?

And things got weirder when he said he wanted to leave Rosewood already because all people talk about there is Maya’s death. Spencer and the rest of the Hastings family get a visit from Jason, who is angry that Veronica is representing Garrett — he killed his sister, ya know?!

Uh, clearly the guy has never heard of a girl named Allison De Laurentis… So when Jason tells Spencer that he thinks it’s because her mom has ulterior motives, Spencer puts her detective hat on and finds out the truth.

As expected, viewers went into a frenzy at the abrupt change in narrative — Hanna is now engaged to an Australian man — but Blackburn was ready for the shift.

“Obviously, I love working with Ashley [Benson], but as an actor, I love working with Troian,” Blackburn told us over the phone last week.

And here it is: 1) Melissa admits to losing the baby the night after Ian disappeared.

stars Ashley Benson and Tyler Blackburn have serious chemistry on and off screen!

But with these dudes came plenty of drama, of course. Aria’s parents’ divorce is officially happening, and she finds out her dad and Meredith are officially an item.

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