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Darius Campbell is a famous Scottish singer, songwriter, theater and TV actor, author and brand Ambassador of ‘The Prince’s Trust’.

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The Species star has been dating Campbell, formerly known as Darius Danesh, since 2006 and they became engaged in 2007.

The couple split early last year but reunited in June - and now they have exchanged vows after planning the nuptials in just seven days.

Fair enough, but when Danesh first unveiled that gift to the public, the results were not entirely satisfactory.

He entered a television talent show entitled Pop Stars; he performed, as he describes it, "a risque" version of Britney Spears' Hit Me Baby One More Time (he sang it in an a cappella falsetto); he came up with some corny remarks about love and he was booted off in the final round. he went back to his course at Edinburgh University [where he was studying for a degree in English] and thought no more about it".

The divorce was said to be a mutual decision and the two continued to hang around like friends after the divorce.

Darius Campbell was seen last summer strolling through the streets of London with model Daisy Lowe. Some confirmation of this budding romance came forth from Daisy Lowe.

Please note: requests should only be made by those officially affiliated to Darius Campbell.

Darius Campbell (born Darius Campbell-Danesh, 19 August 1980), also known professionally as Darius Danesh or Darius, is a Scottish singer-songwriter, a West End stage actor and an ambassador for The Prince's Trust.

So famous that he was invited to grace the sofas of daytime television, and host a Channel 4 programme, To Die For, which relived the most excruciating musical moments on television, including his own.

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