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Despite it leaving her feeling unwell, Chanelle looked great on the show, highlighting her blooming shape in a pencil dress. The cold shoulder trend is still going strong, so why not try it out this summer if you haven't already?

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Chanelle told The Sun Online she had undergone blood tests to find out why she hadn't had a period for seven months and was urgently summoned to the surgery by her doctor.

Describing the moment she got the call, she said: 'I panicked and thought I was dying of cancer, because for me there was nothing else it could be.'I called Ryan and he thought I was dying too - you expect the worst when you receive a call like that telling you that you need to see your GP immediately. I went into the surgery and they told me my pregnancy hormones had tripled.'They thought I might have suffered a miscarriage and never knew I was pregnant, but after they did some more tests they confirmed I was pregnant.'Chanelle - who is already mother to six-year-old son Blakely from her previous relationship with footballer Matthew Bates - is 13 weeks pregnant and is due to welcome her new bundle of joy into the world in September.

They just don't stop it's different if you were just "another guy " !!!

I understood u I understood u had a lot of shit built up n u just wanted someone to listen I dug deep I wanted that soft side of rio n I thank you for opening up to me n even when people told me I should stop messing with u I couldn't I couldn't because I new you were sum special and just misunderstood!

She was convinced she was dying from cancer before finding out she was pregnant for the second time with boyfriend Ryan Oates.

And Chanelle Hayes' worrying demeanour was replaced by that of delight as she took to Instagram to share her first sonogram on Wednesday.'You can't properly tell here but bump was giving us a thumbs up!❤️' the 29-year-old television personality captioned the snap joyfully before sprinkling it with an array of thumps up emojis.Stiink use To call us Martin and gena hilarious wasn't even the word ! I'm on my way over now so put them dogs up " let's play fight let's watch Martin let's take Elijah back to the zoo let's sit in your basement and talk shit let's stand outside are my car for hours and let me preach to you let me tell u again over and over how this ain't for you !!That's one thing man your the only guy I would say kept me laughing on a daily even when u made me upset u wouldn't allow me to be for that long yea they say what's understood don't have to b explain but I don't think they really understand ! Come stand by the back area and walk me back to your moms room because u know I'm scared of them gorillas y'all got let's walk to heman so you can push me and not leave me hanging in the air this time if I piss u off let's have @dredre carpool us around while we sit in the back like we got car service lets play the game you new I couldn't play but let me gets the sticks anyway while you set there and pretended to b mad ..., we get an inside look at his life raising his two kids and his late sister's two kids as well.

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