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I feel like a lot of people do, and I also have a fear of future regret, lack of conviction that I'm making the right choice, so I drag it out and drag it out in hopes of coming to some sort of Road to Damascus moment, where I'm going to have all the knowledge in the world, which doesn't come, unless you use hallucinogens.But usually insight's not going to find you, so you're dragging it out; the only reason you're doing it is because you're a coward.

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Cindy is also thought to have accompanied Kiefer and his band on tour in Europe in recent months, and the pair are said to be so happy that they have even moved in together.

The romance is the first for Kiefer since his divorce from Kelly Winn was finalized in 2008.

Soon after, Laura's devoted girlfriend yields to family pressure and accepts a marriage proposal.

Abandoned, heartbroken, and confused, Laura takes refuge with another friend and struggles to find a home and identity in both the straight and the gay world.

How will these four engaging kids resolve the mixed messages their hearts are sending to their brains? Closeted Bryan wonders why Christian Michaelson doesn't just try to blend in if he hates being bullied so much.

Star athlete David isn't a homophobe—after all, he's not afraid of anything.

in a new podcast, revealing all the ups and downs of the show that they won back in 2013.

The duo — Alex Kinsey and Sierra Deaton — dished about how they got on the show and why they auditioned in the first place, as well as being dropped from their label later on.

Jonathan, a Christian fundamentalist, must weigh the Bible against peer pressure and what he knows is right when he discovers his childhood friend is gay.

Bully victim Chase Devereaux finds an unexpected ally in a brave fellow student. "When a nun at her Catholic school confiscates and reads aloud in class a note to Laura Amores from another girl, declaring her love, the teen is kicked out of her school and her home.

The first meeting is sweetly awkward, and while the boys hit it off all right, there’s a problem.

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