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audiences, just greenlit TV’s first reality show about gay dating.In the summer of 2003, Bravo premiered straight men who were pretending to be gay. You might think that, by the end of a very busy week-long tour, Kate would be exhausted, unenthused about getting dressed up for the cameras. to India—you’re probably jet-lagged, disoriented, otherwise exhausted.A short-lived, controversial 2003 Bravo reality show, Boy Meets Boy, had a gay man as its suitor, but the contestants were both gay and straight men.

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LGBT cable network Logo is getting into the reality dating game with a new series, "Finding Prince Charming," with a cast completely made up of gay men.

The show, hosted by former 'NSYNC member Lance Bass, is currently in production and will premiere this fall."Finding Prince Charming" will feature a cast of 13 suitors living in the same house and vying for the affections of the "nation's most eligible gay heartthrob." They will be eliminated one-by-one over the course of the season until the finale, during which the man in question will pick a winner to "commit to an exclusive relationship," according to the network."Logo has a long history of showcasing LGBTQ-focused stories with memorable characters that transcend pop culture," Logo's Pamela Post said in a statement.

, the cast will live together and eliminations will occur as the show progresses until the leading man selects his finalist "to commit to an exclusive relationship." The show will be hosted by former 'NSYNC member Lance Bass, who most recently was a contributing panelist on Bass, 37, who himself is gay, married artist Michael Turchin in December 2014 during a ceremony that became part of an E! Pamela Post, Logo's senior vice president of original programming, said the network "has a long history of showcasing LGBTQ-focused stories with memorable characters that transcend pop culture.

This time, the bachelor is looking for a fellow bachelor.

The highlight for most of the guys at the pool party had been the moment Robert finally took off his shirt to show off his incredible six-pack abs, with Justin, 29, saying of the moment: 'Everyone here is thirstier than Tara Reid in rehab, honey.'Meanwhile ripped Brandon, 29, admitted he once had been 'a homeless alcoholic' and also revealed his family 'disowned him at 16 for being gay' and started a legal fight with his friend's family who took him in.

Other suitors included New York celebrity makeup artist Jasen, 33, and Los Angeles business analyst Danique, 30, who admitted he joined the show because 'it's probably the only thing that I haven't tried' to find love.

But it -style template, with 13 suitors living together in one house; they’ll be eliminated one by one until the finale, in which the eligible bachelor picks his prince charming.

To be clear, this is not the first time gay people have been featured as part of a dating show’s template—or even the first time they have been the subject of a reality dating show.

As icky as that might sound, in a perverse way, you have to give the show credit.

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