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Watch a selection of the world's best films and TV-shows directly on your Android handset with this free app from Voddler.Download the app and start watching whenever or wherever you want.With p2p-streaming, movies are not streamed from a central server or content delivery network (CDN), but from other users who have parts of the movie on their units after seeing the movie earlier.

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Voddler updating player please wait

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Publishing into the network and access to the network is thus centrally controlled.

Alternative Voddler download from external server (availability not guaranteed) Alternative download Notes: Voddler is currently only available in limited regions.

After the viewer has completed watching the video, parts of the video file remains for a time on the user's device.

Popular content, that is watched by many other users, remain longer on any one user's device than less popular content, which more quickly is removed from the network nodes.

Compared to server-based streaming, p2p-based streaming saves on data costs for the service provider, at the same time as the distribution becomes more robust, since it only grows stronger with every additional user.

What distinguishes Vnet from traditional p2p is that Vnet allows an administrator to have central control over which movies are in the network and which users that can see them.

NVIDIA Ge Force 6-Series and newer supported, Ge Force 8-Series and newer recommended.

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