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The project is unique in that it is supported by all ten major adult education umbrella organisations and that it also recognises competences that have been achieved in non-formal and formal means. The programme does not offer further education programmes but endorses further education programmes offered by educational organisations across Austria.

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RTOs are required to develop a comprehensive plan for systematic validation of their assessment practices and results, based on risk, with each training product undergoing validation at least every 5 years.

Each RTO’s training and assessment strategies and practices must: It also aids assessors with the development of their assessment design and review skills. Validation is a quality review of assessment tools and expected outcomes.

The advantage for the individual is the ease of the information stored in one central location and that this information is then readily available to distribute when required.

The project provides clarity from adult and University education and continuing education.

For those who follow my updates, they will be getting the feeling that I am passionate about providing you with information to assist you with your RTO.

To me this is why I get up in the morning; I want to help you, I want to see quality RTOs providing training to people and allowing them to move along in the world.This may include time in training and/or employment either in Australia or overseas.RPL for people who work in a training and assessment environment, covering practical and gap skills assessment and validation. The course will consist of practical and gap skills assessments and validation.A validation might be conducted by the staff who work for the particular RTO or by a number of staff from different RTOs.It should involve one or more persons who are not directly involved in the particular instance of delivery and assessment of the training product being validated.As a new RTO you should identify judgements tools you could use to undertake the activity.

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