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I would go as far as to say that that regex you have made is useless.

There are three rfc's regarding emailaddresses and writing a regex to catch wrong emailadresses and and the same time don't have false positives is something no mortal can do.

FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL will erroneously balk at email addresses with long domain names (64 characters or more), and at email addresses with escaped characters (such as "me\"").

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Blog posts: Description: How to configure mail server: Add the package to The first email address '[email protected]' is the one to be checked, and the second '[email protected]' is an email address to be provided to the server.

This email needs to be valid and from the same server that the script is running from.

Here is the php function to check if email-id is valid or not using regular expressions.

We see websites having links to contact by way of Contact Us or An Inquiry form or some other way.

Email addresses: easy to create, difficult to type. Note that FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL will validate email addresses that contain domains and top-level domains that do not exist.

Fortunately, PHP (5 and later) comes with a handy set of functions and filters that make testing for email address validity a snap.

Some top-level domains are more than 4 characters long, such as .museum; it would be easy enough to add support for this by removing the number 4 after the comma.

Your regex does not support plus signs in the local part of the e-mail address.

If you want to learn more about email addresses I suggest you to start reading the specs, but I have to warn you it is not an easy read by any stretch: P. A note on the regex pattern used above (from the PHP source).

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