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(Panama City is like New York City – you only refer to it as Panama, Panama and don’t actually use the word ‘city’.) We are U. citizens, and we maintain our citizenship, though we are also permanent residents of Panama too.When we originally came to Panama, we thought of this opportunity as an adventure. We’ve stayed beyond that partly due to the professional success we’ve enjoyed here, and partly because we have grown to love this tiny country.

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Years before the US went after Saddam Hussein, the White House had Manuel Noriega, another former ally, in its sights.

In their Oscar-winning documentary, director Barbara Trent and writer/editor David Kasper (Cover Up: Behind the Iran Contra Affair) contrast media coverage of the 1989 invasion with expert testimony.

), extremely fine mint copy of this seldom offered card.

It is a hard item to scan, since the scanner tries to darken it, so I apologize for the light color.

Prior to its opening in 1900, sewage from the city of Chicago was dumped into the Chicago River and flowed into Lake Michigan.

The city's drinking water supply was located offshore, and there were fears that the sewage could reach the intake and cause serious disease outbreaks.

It will take awhile, but well get to listing many items.

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This is a piece that I wrote for another expat website, which I recently ran across again in my archives.

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