Updating panther to leopard

If you want faster speeds, your only options are to max out your RAM memory, or move up to a newer model.One option that can cause these false reports is a corrupted preference.

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Hi, I have a Power Mac G5 with the following specs below.

All of the software I use on it (Text Mate, Camino, File Maker) will run fine on Panther and it's better not to take the disk / performance hit of Tiger's indexing system and dashboard.

Problems cannot be stopped from taking place, particularly saying of upgrades.

The question is: Does it make sense to upgrade a G4 to Leopard?

But, I wonder if it is worth the effort and slightly higher cost (family pack vs.Is 10.5 written for Intel processors, or will it work on the Power PC G5.That said, you cannot run Boot Camp on your G5, it is for Intel machines only.PGT2 was originally published in 1995 so a companion page is being created on this site to keep owners of PGT2 up to date.]I would like to again thank all those who have helped and encouraged me in my quest to track down all preserved tanks around the world, including Bart Vanderveen, Winston G.Ramsey, George Bradford, David Fletcher, David Goulty, Georges Mazy, and my wife Lesley for her patience.For help with completing this work I would like to thank Jochen Vollert, Rudiger Besecke, Hanno Spoelstra, Wolfgang Schneider and particularly the following: Lee Archer for checking the manuscript and providing additional information on historical vehicle models.

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