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Microsoft addressed these security issues by helping to ensure that MS Outlook for Mac does not download content from external sources without user consent.These updates apply to the following Microsoft applications: All users running Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac and Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 are strongly advised to apply these updates as soon as possible.With POP, messages are download to your computer when you check your mail and are then removed from the server.

Microsoft has released important security updates to Office for Mac 2011, which includes bug fixes and patches for security issues.

Microsoft’s 112.8 MB software update resolves a critical flaw in Office Outlook for Mac that could allow information disclosure if a user opens a specifically crafted email message.

The Auto Updater will connect to the Internet to determine what Microsoft software updates are required for your computer (if any).

If you see a message stating "there are no updates available," you can skip to step 7.

If you receive a message saying that there is a problem with the Office Database, or that your database is corrupted and needs to be rebuilt, you can do so fairly easily.

This article applies to users updating Entourage for Mac 2008 to access their Hofstra employee e-mail account at its new location on Office 365.

Follow these instructions to repair the database and also delete all the deleted messages…which makes the Database smaller, faster, and easier to manage. Click the button for Compact database, then click the Continue button.

Database Utility creates a brand new, blank Database file, renames your old damaged file, copies all the undeleted data from the old file to the new, then creates an index within the new file to make all your messages and data easy for Entourage to find. When Database Utility has completed compacting your Database, the Compact Status window indicates that it’s complete.

If updates are required, you'll see a list like the one at left.

Make sure the Install checkbox is checked for each update in the list, then click the Install button to continue.

They still occupy space, which means the Database is larger than it needs to be, and is occupying more space on your hard drive than necessary.

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