Updating intranet

We have released the theme as open source and provide informal support to some small organisations and individuals implementing their own intranets using the software.

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We are also updating Simple Files to allow for public viewing of files, and a default option to display all files to admin users.

Generally a wide range of information and services from the organization's internal IT systems are available that would not be available to the public from the Internet.

Supported Govintranet clients benefit from these updates at no extra cost.

We’ve just updated our core Simple Intranet plugin version 3.14 with a number of basic PHP 7 fixes to resolve some deprecated (outdated) functions from PHP 4.

Note, however, that PHP 5.6 is still considered the most stable and recommended version of PHP for the vast majority of webhosts and PHP 7 is technically still a beta release.

Please see our detailed Installation Requirements for more.However, all intranets face the challenge of maintaining accurate information.This makes your intranet contributors essential in managing a good, well used intranet that helps employees feel connected, valued, and more able to get the information needed to do their jobs.A company-wide intranet can constitute an important focal point of internal communication and collaboration, and provide a single starting point to access internal and external resources.In its simplest form an intranet is established with the technologies for local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs).Lessons will explain not only how to perform various monitoring tasks, but why and when you should use them.

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