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The old ones contain Motherboards released before the TA-088v3, and are all hackable.The new ones have TA-088v3 Motherboards, and are unhackable.How to hack a psp the easy way Author-The_Computer_Wizard ************************************************************************************* Into: So I recently revisited the concept of hacking my psp and was successful so I thought I would share it all with you.

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along with many others, i was pretty excited when the sony psp was announced, but at the time of its release i did not purchase it because i didn't have the funds available and wanted to see what this baby could really do besides games.

after obtaining some mobile device funding and reading that psp owners were able to run emulators from various consoles and handhelds, surf the internet via wipeout pure, and watch movies off the memory stick, i went to and picked one up from a local seller at a good price.

i then read that hackers finally cracked the umd format and were able to extract the iso files from the umd.

and fairly recently some people figured out how to run full games off of the memory stick without a umd even loaded in the psp.

Play Station Vita Hacks, Mods, Custom Firmware The PS Vita gaming system has long been one of the best handheld consoles, despite the low rating of some of its UMD games.

Because of the relatively expensive prices of these UMD games, coders, programmers, and hackers have made their way into the PSVita operating system and consolidated the SONY Play Station Vita hardware with the convenience of the internet.

A PSP with Custom Firmware could also back up your games from the UMD to your computer; it also allows you to play those backups from your Memory Stick (MS).

You could also do some serious customizations to your theme. To some, there are other methods than just using a Pandora & an MMS.

However if you have the newest 3000 series of the slim DO NOT use this article, as the new 3000 series are supposed to be far more hack proof (although there are supposed to still be workarounds, so dont let the fact that I dont know discourage you) The first thing you should probably do is create whats known as a Pandora battery.

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