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Formica Lifeseal countertops are the most affordable way to update a dated kitchen - and the easiest option if you plan to do-it-yourself.

I am one of those homeowners that gets bored quickly.

Countertop and edging strips Angle and flat braces Wood screws Silicone sealer and caulking gun Crowbar - if cabinets glued or nailed in place Belt sander and 80-grit sanding belts Scribing tool Drill/Driver plus assorted drill and screw bits Step 1 In an older home you may find that the countertops are nailed to the cabinets, in which case you will need to pry them off with a crowbar. In the case of screws, these are easily removed, but for a glued top you will need to pry this off without damaging the cabinets underneath.

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Formica® countertops must be cleaned and de-greased before refinishing.

Any burns, cuts, or chips will be filled, sanded and made level.

First you will need to rough up the surface by sanding it with 150 or 180 grit sand paper.

This will take off the shine and make for good adhesion of the primer and paint.

Metal Banding: If you want to embrace your retro laminate, and just give it an extra little something (or hide chipped edges perhaps?

Tile: Jenny from Everyday Occasions spent an afternoon and about to update her black laminate countertops with basic white subway tile.

There are some photos to show how she did it but the DIY Network has a great tutorial illustrating the process from start to finish.

Well never fear, today we are going to explore several ways to update your kitchen counters on a budget!

The next step is to thoroughly clean the countertop to remove any sanding residue grease or soil.

Use a good quality household cleaner such as Simple Green or Fantastic.

Some folks recommend using lacquer thinner or acetone.

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