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The D850 will be a formidable tool for those who will not compromise on exceptional image quality and versatility, including aspiring and professional photographers, and hobbyists who capture landscapes, commercial sports, fashion and weddings, as well as multimedia content creators.

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We really do appreciate this - Keith 2017 August 24th As expected, the D850 is launched [see our D850 info page] 18th In the D850 launch date stakes, the next popular date is August the 24th…

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I had access to a number of 8-bit computers in my childhood, but my most favorite was the Atari 800, a 1.79MHz 6502-based computer with color graphics and a disk drive, and which as the predecessor to the Amiga, another favorite of mine.

Over a decade later, I was struck by both nostalgia and ambition and started to write a new 8-bit Atari emulator from scratch. At this point, I've learned a lot more about the Atari and Altirra now emulates more than I ever had or did years ago, but I still work on it periodically.

Note: Neither the author nor the software on this page is affiliated with Atari, and there is no code or software from Atari included in the downloads. Altirra has relatively few system requirements: Altirra is designed with emulation quality in mind, sometimes over speed and polish.

It's designed as a system emulator and debugger instead of a games machine, so there is some setup involved. If you don't have any, it'll be a pretty boring experience.

The new AF-P NIKKOR 70-300mm is lighter than its predecessor, despite packing new technologies that help those shooting photos and video achieve stellar results.

With the D5 appearing in 2016, can we expect a D5s in 2018 and the D6 in 2020?

There is a README file in the archive, but here are some quick tips: First: Software. I can't give this to you for various reasons, but there are freely available demos, and if you have converted your Atari software to disk images for other emulators, those will work too.

Specifically, disk images are supported in ATR, DCM, ATX, and PRO formats; some simple cartridge types are also supported, and you can directly load Atari executables as well (.obx/.xex). Altirra has an internal kernel that can be used to run Atari software, and thus you can run demos, games, and productivity software without needing any Atari ROM images.

If you’re new here then do note that I’ve been keeping tabs on various camera rumours for several years and receive all kinds of of tips and rumours. Please do use your common sense when reading some of the speculative reports, and remember that the info is here for entertainment as much as anything else.

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With the D5300's built-in Wi-Fi® feature, your pictures are ready to send immediately to smart devices for online sharing with just a few simple steps. For truly unique points of view, try the D5300's wide 8.1-cm/3.2-in., approx.

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