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However, i made my way through your product documentation and i'm now able to deploy AIR and a AIR Application (SFDC Chatter) and register it.Works fine so far, but some questions: - How can i update installed AIR applications?

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You can learn more about how to update a Native Process application in the video below.

A: A newer version of Adobe AIR has been downloaded and is ready to be installed.

Attempting to update directly to an application using the AIR 2.5 namespace fails. First update only the Application Updater framework to the AIR 2.5 version.

Then update the application descriptor file and the application.

It also assumes that you are updating to version 2.0 that uses the new features in AIR 2.5.

Finally, it assumes that all update-related files (update descriptors, new applications) are stored at During the update process, the Application Updater framework reads the application descriptor from the new version of the application.That’s pretty awesome, however as you may or may not already be aware, when you create an AIR application that supports the Native Processes API you can’t use the built in updater to update your application.Fret not though, my fellow evangelist Piotr Walczyszyn has produced a library that allows you to update your native AIR applications.The good news is that the Native Process API makes it easy to help build your own update mechanism.This article will step you through the process of how to build your own custom update mechanism for the Windows platform.Once the runtime update is successfully downloaded, AIR will prompt the end user to install the update "Now" or "Later".

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