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(Characters are Oc because of the plot)He said he saw great potential in my small body and he raised me. Can a god have some fun, especially when the world itself had already bored him to no end? They got so close that she actually fell deeply in love with him. Second Seat of the Elite Ten Rindou Kobayashi has always marched to the beat of her own drum.

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It also happened to be Chikalin's natural habitat, the only place one could dependably find her at both one pm, and occasionally am. “Hey, um, Yukino, I need to ask a question,” “Sure, shoot,” “Does Eriko go cryptid hunting on the weekends?

LOL that's a funny "caption this" XDOn second thought better have him covered, it is just a matter of personal health XD LOL why shocked?

The story revolves around four men imprisoned on false charges.

Ichihara plays a man sentenced to 6 years for murder.

If you don't like this story, then simply turn back. But maybe these people could become something new for him to care for. When Naruto had made the decision to attend Yokai Academy, he had planned on doing his best and make his parents proud.

Lisa was a little nervous for her upcoming double date, mostly because she hadn't quite “formally” introduced Chikalin to all of her friends.

It was really more of, the whole idea of poor Tatsuya and Jun being in a restaurant booth, less than five feet away from Chikalin, for at least an hour if not more.

Over an hour of pure, one hundred percent, uninterrupted Chikalin exposure.

Tsukamoto is a former yakuza sentenced to 10 years for murder.

Ueda is a former host sentenced to 4 years on drug charges.

horribly stressing Posting news that appear on Lj of course, in my case i don't have Lj and not palnning on having one Should we post here Ueda's Qo P big scans ?

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