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It's the story that has brought dating violence into the national spotlight.On February 8, 2009, police responded to a 911 call alleging domestic violence between singers Chris Brown and Rihanna.She relinquished hosting duties to Rita Ora last year but now Tyra Banks is returning to host America's Next Top Model.

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In a statement, Tyra expanded on her reasons for deciding to return as host.'I’m overwhelmed and humbled by the intensity of the ‘ANTM’ fan base whose deep affection for the show led me to have a change of heart,' she said.'After giving it a lot of thought, I realized that remaining behind the camera wasn’t enough because ‘ANTM’ is woven into my DNA,' she explained.

Meanwhile, a source close to Rita said she had enjoyed her time on ANTM but wanted to prioritize new music she is working on.'Rita loved her time on ANTM and Tyra was a big supporter but music is Rita's first love and she wanted to concentrate on getting this new record out,' the insider ex-plained.

Mel's defiant walk also follows claims she had been left disgruntled by the fact her 'three-way' relationship with Stephen and saucy German nanny Lorraine Gilles became a 'two-way' during their seven year tryst.

In a Snapchat video posted by the ladies' America's Got Talent co-star DJ Khaled, Mel was seen in high spirits backstage prepping to shoot the latest episode.

'The last few years has seen Rita's time taken up by TV, film and fashion but this year her focus is on following up her No 1 debut album.'It was just a few days ago that the producers of America's Got Talent surprised everyone with the news that they'd chosen Tyra to replace original host Nick Cannon, who departed the show after eight seasons.

Nick, 36, left following a dispute with NBC executives over remarks he made during his Showtime comedy special Stand Up, Don't Shoot last month.

Tyra brings Michelle Mock, the casting director on stage and lets Michelle hand-select three finalists who will be receiving golden tickets to the New York auditions.

8 November 2005Special about Tyra's celebrity "Drag Force", a team of drag queens who give makeovers to women and men.

4 March 2009In this episode of "The Tyra Banks Show", Tyra hosts a toga party to celebrate the launch of "America's Next Top Model".

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