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Updates can be posted simultaneously to Google , Facebook and Twitter.Simply add an update and check the Facebook and Twitter icons if you want the update to be posted there as well.To get started, you first have to add your Twitter account to your internet accounts list for Safari.

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Luckily, for Apple users, there is a productivity hack that can anchor your Twitter feed to the left sidebar of your Safari window, remaining open while you browse the web and get work done.

Through the "Shared Links" feature on the sidebar in Safari, users can add a host of social media updates to be displayed.

Once it was working, I had the disappointing realization that there are no customization options available with the free version, meaning it is going to look terrible on the site if I leave it there. I’m super disappointed that this has been such a waste of time.

The premium version is probably great (I wouldn’t know), but I cannot recommend this free one.

For more complicated support issues, it can take a handful of days to fix a problem.

The time between messages with the Feed Them Social support team was around 15 minutes instead of 15 hours. See Demo All Slick Remix plugins come with FREE Basic Support!

Very easy to add a feed of youtube, facebook, instagram and more…, i’m gonna buy the premium version, so the facebook photos opens in a popup slideshow. many social platforms in one plugin, just add the shortcode to your textfield and it’s done ! it just works ( great job guys ) It took me quite a while to get the plugin up and running.

I had to google a number of items to get all the information I needed.

Start G is a Chrome extension that integrates your Facebook and Twitter feed in your Google stream and lets you post updates to either or both from your Google page.

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