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I liked that this book went through the various ways mistrust is shown in a relationship, and some of them are so realistic it's a bit scary.

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Trust issues can cripple or kill a relationship, irrespective of how far a romance has progressed though the stages of dating and marriage.

With a platform supported by trust, honesty in communication and commitment, a romance is then able to flourish and grow into a healthy, dependable relationship.

I work constantly between free lancing and stable management, and I love what I do. I find the fact that six months later, waking up next to him two or three days a week, to be a little irritating.

But in the annoying sea of men blipping about on my radar convinced that only they could fill some hole in my soul that I remained unawares of, there was this one guy. Attractive, in an action movie star kind of way, rugged and buff. I couldn't figure out why this guy followed me around work. So much I so I almost t boned my car at a traffic intersection when he arbitrarily mentioned something something something '.that I'm not single anymore ... I stopped listening before and after the single part. He either says very simply that things 'are well;' or he embarrasses me with quips at social gatherings by sharing that we are 'not, not dating.' I guess it doesn't embarrass me too awfully bad, I slipped the other morning and referred to him as my boyfriend without even thinking about it much. He literally gave me years to get comfortable with him, when he could have asked me out on a date off the bat and failed right there.

As a veteran dating coach cum marriage counselor from Los Angeles, Tiffany Davis has accumulated significant experience in counseling people on love and relationship matters.

Having seen how tormented people are after a relationship break-up, she's more determined than ever to impart some of her knowledge and blissful experience in a marriage to readers seeking to walk the path to an everlasting marriage.I received this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review.This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review. Ideally it's a book for a couple who both want to work through their trust issues.Meeting new people is a draining process because we have to keep our guard up at all times until we are sure we can trust somebody.When dating someone with a guarded heart, understand they would rather spend a quiet night on the couch with you than out with a group of friends.Sometimes, our experiences in past relationships and the behaviours of former partners can dictate the level of trust we’re willing to place on a new love interest.

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