Tortoisesvn icons not updating

Updating from TSVN 1.8.1 to 1.8.4 didn't help, I still had the problem.

Once 1.8.4 was installed, re-running the installer and choosing the Repair option fixed my issue Settings Select Icon Overlays: 1. Drive Types: (SELECT) Network Drive, Fixed Drive Window allows up to 11 Icon Sets, if other programs like Drop Box are installed they will hijack those spots Since we are working in the registry, be careful not to edit things, unless you are sure!

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There are known problems with overlay icons and Tortoise SVN upgrades (see this blog post).

I had the same problem with Windows 8.1 and Tortoise SVN 1.8.1.

You can see what overlays are set up, and change them (at your own risk) in the registry here: If you are using Tortoise CVS (and have nothing else using overlay icons), you will get a couple of Tortoise SVN Icons, and all of your Tortoise CVS icons.

This is because the overlay icons are used in alphabetical order.

On Windows 10, most of the entries are used by One Drive and you won't have permission to remove them. Now give yourself "Full Control" and then apply it. As in current recommended answer mentioned, you need to sort the entries of the overlay identifiers in the registry.

In order to do so, right click on the entry (Example: "One Drive1", then click "Advanced", then click the link labled "Change" at the very top next to "Owner". I haven't deleted those One Drive or Google Drive entries but renamed all Tortoise Folders by adding 3 spaces to bring them on top. In a few more versions, we'll fall of the east edge of the screen. I fixed my problems with Tortoise SVN icons not showing up in Windows 10, for the special case where my repository was on a removable drive.Windows can only show a limited number of Overlay Icons (15 total, 11 after what Windows uses).Programs like Office Groove, Dropbox, Mozy, Carbonite, etc, will hijack a bunch of the 11 possible overlay icons (boy would it be nice if Microsoft upped the number of these as the number of applications that use them seem to increase and increase)...After looking through the source code, I found the pertinent information: This was the answer for me.I had Mozy and Drop Box installed and simply prefixed each of their entries under the "Shell Icon Overlay Identifiers" key with "z_".Just restart and even with Tortoise SVN client 1.7.9 you'll see your SVN overlay icons under Windows 10 again. On my machine, One Drive, Sky Drive keys all have a space in front of the name, trumping svn which only had numbers. There is a Tortoise setting that determines which Drive Types the icons are used with: Drives , Removable drives, Network drives, Fixed drives, CD-ROM, RAM drives, and Unknown drives.

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