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For their Elimination Challenge, the chefs were given and told to make their signature dish for the judges AND their competitors, who would have the opportunity to taste and critique their dishes.Harold won the task with a steamed pink snapper while Ken, who showed attitude during both tasks, was considered too underwhelming with his pan-seared halibut. One "Top Chef" controversy, at least in some quarters, stems from this question: "Why haven't they sent Lisa home yet?

As the finale of Season 11 gets set to ignite tomorrow (tune in at 10/9c), we caught up with runners-up and fan favorites from all seasons to find out their biggest regrets, the lessons they learned, and how their lives have changed since the competition. For All Stars, I did this pork dish and it was overcooked. When I did All-Stars, I became friends with everyone and focused on myself. Dale Levitski, Season 3 and Season 8: All-Stars How has life changed for you since ? I was afraid of embarrassing myself on national TV.

You may also be surprised to learn which Cheftestants obsessed over the dishes that led to their elimination. Do you remember the dish that led to your elimination? I had thrown it in the frier and I knew that was a bad move. All the people I was rooting for I got to know through that season and I got to know them as real people. But at the end of the day, after all the challenges, you knew you were staying with them. Mike Isabella, Season 6 and Season 8: All-Stars How has life changed since being on , I had just signed a lease to open up my first restaurant, Graffiato in DC. I went back to work after that happened and I started working with leeks and carrots everyday. But when I went back to All-Stars, my challenge was to cook with leeks, carrots and potatoes. Any strategies while filming to intimidate your competitors? It's definitely opened up a lot of doors, not necessarily with getting jobs but in validating a lot of stuff and getting attention and getting people into the restaurant. I was fearful that it would box me into a TV chef douche bag. I can definitely say I embarrassed myself a few times, but I'm still thankful I did it. Did you have any strategies to intimidate your opponents?

The ‘Top Chef’ finale on Bravo got us thinking about lady chef’s. Blonde, tattooed and always sporting shiny lips during her on-camera interviews, Jamie’s natural beauty and ability to serve up unique dishes had us hooked.

The reality cooking competition is usually a sausage party and we’re not talking about the dishes that are served up but the contestants. Too bad she’s not interested in dudes, as she is an out lesbian. Often regarded as the hottest female Top Chef contestant ever, Casey actually could cook.

Barbara had cooked at Terri's [Henning] house years prior and they were great friends. It was still going and that's when I first met Terri.

, we've met dozens of culinary geniuses—and it isn't just the winners who've gone on to have incredible careers. I also did a cheese souflee and the oven was too hot and that was a mess. Not having that, you learn a bit about yourself and patience. The hype has died down a little but the activity hasn't. I wasn't confident I would be able to perform in front of cameras.

It’s mostly men competing in the cooking wars, with only one woman (Stephanie Izzard) actually taking the crown and earning the title of ‘Top Chef.’ So clearly, a woman’s place is not always in the kitchen.

However, ‘Top Chef’ has enjoyed its share of blazing hot women in the cast throughout the course of the show.

Not to mention she dates/doesn’t date a cheese steak king.

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