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After you’re both sated, you may feel just done, ready to shut off the lights, and — let’s face it — fall asleep. I recently wrote about the importance of afterglow, and it does matter.You can now listen to the chat using the Spreaker widget below. It's a very invisible, very scary STD that is also being passed from hand to mouth now, they're thinking.

Good for you for asking questions and seeking answers!

Asking a woman interviewee questions that are not asked of a man, or posing questions which appear on the surface to be discriminatory does not of itself automatically amount to unlawful discrimination on grounds of sex.

The HPV vaccine was initially created for preteen girls to prevent cervical cancer when they are older but is now recommended for boys as well.

Doctors say parents who worry that the vaccine will give teenagers a license for promiscuity still stand as its greatest obstacle.

Hey, so recently I've come to the acceptance that I'm a lesbian.

I really want to tell my friends and family, but I know some homophobes in them ...

This may change, shift, or evolve the older you get and the more experiences you have with others.

Self reflection and understanding of your own sexuality and preferences is an ongoing exercise.

This will result in a reduction of testosterone and sperm produced. The best thing you can do to increase your ability for future reproduction is to preserve your sperm before you begin hormone replacement therapy.

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