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The name 'Manneken-Pis' appears for the first time in the City archives in a text dating around 1451-1452.The legends that surround the Manneken Pis are various and quite different from each other.Usually, after doing the traditional “Grand Place-Chocolate-Beer” tour, tourists in Brussels head to a tiny street hidden behind the Grand Place to meet one of the most famous inhabitants of Brussels.

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“They didn’t take time to read the explanations,” the guard shrugged.

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The location of Shinto shrines were near striking natural formations, waterfalls, caves, rock formations, mountain tops or forrest glens reflecting the idea that kami spirits were located in nature. Kami occur in two categories (object kami) and mythical and historical persons (active kami). The following story is related of an off-shore rock just off Oshima: “The kami enshrined here is Ichikishimahime, daughter of Susano, and eldest of the three Munakata princesses.

Just off Oshima is a large rock protuding from the sea.

It is hard to count all of them or to get the truth from them.

Most folks who have been around Logos for awhile know that I’m pretty excited about the writings of the Apostolic Fathers.

A new exhibition in Paris, however, hopes to flip these misconceptions on their head.

For the first time, the Hindu text dating to roughly the fourth century is examined in an exhibition of some 350 sculptures, paintings and everyday items.

A few centuries ago, the fountain where the Manneken Pis is located was just one many supplying potable water to the city. In fact, the first historical text to talk about it dates from 1388.

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