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The history of the interpretation of 1 Peter (that Christ preached to the spirits in prison) and its context form a tangled jungle representing the confusion that came in the wake of the Apostasy.

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Barbara Frale is a medieval specialist working in the Vatican Secret Archives as a historian.

Over the last few years she has been responsible for bring to light a few new pieces to the Shroud’s historical puzzle, helping to fill in portions of the missing History.

After living there for about a year and a half, he migrated with his wife to Uruguay, where he enjoyed significant prosperity as the owner of a textile company.[3] In early 1980, the American embassy in Uruguay contacted Rajchman, and later the same year, on March 12, he was interviewed by the Office of Special Investigations (OSI).[4] He then traveled to the United States, where he appeared as a witness for the prosecution in the extradition trial against John Demjanjuk.

He also took the witness stand in Jerusalem when Demjanjuk was put on trial there in 1987-1988. Following Rajchman’s death, an arrangement was made to have his 1944 Warsaw memoirs published, for the very first time.

She has some of her earlier findings in her book, *To my knowledge British historian Ian Wilson’s in 1977, was the first to outline a plausible History of the Shroud that involved the Cloth of Edessa, the Mandylion of Constantinople and the Templars.

In his theory he has the Shroud traveling from Jerusalem to Edessa in Eastern Turkey in the 1st century, (later to become known as the Edessa Cloth after 544AD).Writing in the Vatican newspaper, L'Osservatore Romano, she said, the shroud's fate between the sacking of Constantinople by the Crusading (Latin) army’s in 1204 and its emergence in, who claimed Christ did not have a human body, only the "appearance" of a man.She said to various news agencies recently that, “her discovery vindicated a theory first put forward by Ian Wilson, a British writer, in 1977”.Wilson first fully stated his Knights Templar custodians of the Shroud from 1204-1307 theory in his 1978 book, " is a historical document published by Étienne Baluze in Vitae Paparum Avenionensis ("Lives of the Popes of Avignon"), Paris, 1693.The parchment exhibited that Pope Clement V had accepted that the Templars were guilty of "grave sins", such as corruption and sexual immorality, but had absolved the last known Grandmaster of the Templars Jacque de Molay and the rest of the Knights Templar leadership from charges of heresy brought against them by the Inquisition.In the deposition scene of Jesus having been taken down from the [Above (enlarge): Deposition fresco in Holy Sepulchre Chapel, Winchester Cathedral[12].

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