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This is what our *actual* users say:• "Convey the perfect sentiment in almost every situation" (RScott Mudd Fudd)• "For getting a smile from the person getting your text" (Caeesars1coms1)• "I use it with all my friends and when I feel like harassing my wife.

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From celebs having nude photos hacked to 200,000 Snapchat images getting leaked online, sharing intimate information from your phone has clearly become a risky move.

That’s a shame, because new research shows that sexting has a definite upside: Sending racy texts to your partner not only ignites things between the sheets, it boosts your confidence, strengthens your bond, and helps you two explore ways to express yourselves sexually. Of course, none of these benefits matter if you sext too early in a relationship, share the wrong delicate data, or put your chats and snaps at risk of falling into the wrong hands—those of a hacker or a partner who proves to be untrustworthy.

Or perhaps it has been a day or two since your last interaction. PM Race: Ooh you got me on that one PM Lauren: “Hi Cliff!

It ended well but you are stuck on how to start it up again without sounding needy or overbearing. Then one day a friend I hadn’t talked to in a while sent me a riddle. ” PM Race: Haha nice one PM Often times girls will throw a riddle back at you. You want them to be a one liner and have a funny answer.

Without thinking this odd or random that he would text me out of the blue, a strange thing happened. This is a great way to learn new ones that you can use in the future. After the riddle you can simply transition into a normal conversation using the tips and techniques in Text That Girl.

My brain immediately went to work trying to figure out the answer. One time I went 2 hrs with a girl sending new riddles back and forth. Q: Who is getting out their phone right now to send a riddle to a girl? Ok so that wasn’t actually a riddle but you get the idea. And if you like this structure, check out more of my examples and structures for texting here.

btw- Race has some more really solid texting advice here. AM (I think she really wanted to hang out but I fell asleep..oops) In Action: Race: what has a bottom at the top? AM Race: your legs of course 😉 AM Lauren: lol…clever AM Race: i think it was one of my nephews favorite jokes a while back lol AM Lauren: I like those corny jokes ; ) Heres one for you…How do you wake up Lady Gaga?

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