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India's child trafficking statistics are alarming, and the latest advances in technology mean that an individual can actually be present in four to five different places at one time, just via a smartphone.

What these children have to go through is beyond our imagination," the director explains, adding, "We are trying to drive a point home, and make the play more of an experience than just a story." is written by Rahul Rai, while MD Pallavi and Nikhil Nagaraj have worked on its music.

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AIDS is generally caused by unprotected sex with an infected partner.

There is no cure, but there are many medicines to fight/ control HIV infection. SYMPTOMS There are 3 main stages of AIDS: Acute symptoms, clinical latency and severe symptoms : The majority of people infected by HIV develop a Influenza (flu) like illness within a month or two after the virus enters the body.

As much as 40% of the play is based on smartphones, meaning a lot of interactive technology is used while crafting the play." So, how challenging has it been to portray such as a story on stage?

"Of course, it's an ocean of a subject, but theatre has always been a strong medium to raise complex questions.

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