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Kennedy was charged with disorderly conduct, taken to jail and issued a summons to appear in Aspen Municipal Court, Aspen police Sgt. Arriving officers saw a fight breaking out between two men.

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Back to a time when we didn't know the horrors that would be attacking us on a near constant basis as they are now. He was charged with disorderly conduct after police officers pulled him off a guy outside a bar.

Let's go back to 2012, when Taylor Swift was dating Conor Kennedy, son of Robert Kennedy Jr. The officers reported that the men were "rolling around on the ground," and that Conor punched his opponent repeatedly in the head, then struggled against the cop that tried to pull him away. As it turns out, she might not be all that scandalized, because according to further reports, Conor got into the fight in the first place because he was defending his friend.

He was charged with disorderly conduct, taken to Pitkin County Jail, and issued a summons to appear in Aspen Municipal Court.

Kennedy apologized to Atkinson after he was arrested, the report states, but then added of how the fight started, “He called my friend the f-word,” according to the report.

An unidentified bystander helped the officer roll Kennedy onto his stomach and restrain him, according to police reports. The New York Daily News says Kennedy was previously arrested in 2013 for a Keystone Pipeline protest at the White House.

The bystander also helped the officer handcuff Kennedy. Apparently Conor is "not liking the attention." Conor's lawyer also made a statement -- as he claims, "Multiple witnesses to the incident have reported that two men assaulted Conor Kennedy after he rebuked them for directing a homophobic slur and threats to his close friend." So that's a little bit heroic, huh?A little like when he was arrested in 2013 for protesting the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline: Sure, violence is so rarely the answer and all that, but if he was going to get arrested for a bar fight, at least it was for a noble reason.The elder Kennedy told The Aspen Times that his son initially received an apology, however he said some of the clubgoers again used the slur against Conor's friend as they left the establishment.When Conor engaged with the group once again, the fight reportedly broke out.John Conor Kennedy, the grandson of Robert Kennedy, was allegedly involved in a scuffle outside the ritzy ski town's Bootsy Bellows nightclub at about a.m.

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