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In this portfolio, Premier tax experts discusses in detail the provisions of §§851 through 855, 8 of the Internal Revenue Code, which govern the taxation of regulated investment companies (RICs).

While foreigners flock to New York and Florida to acquire real estate, very few realize the dire tax and legal consequences of investing into U. For instance, if the foreign client’s investment in U. real estate is improperly structured, a combined Federal and State tax rates on gains realized from selling the property could be as high as 65%. real estate directly in his or her own individual name. This guide summarizes the top 14 things that foreign buyers should …When most people consider buying residential property in New York City, their first question is whether they should purchase a unit in a co-operative (co-op) or condominium (condo).

Three major considerations must be taken into account when acquiring U. property and devising real estate holding structure – taxation upon disposition of property and repatriation of profits, taxation upon death, and privacy and reporting requirements. With proper advance planning and advice, many concerns over ownership of U. real estate can be reduced or even eliminated altogether. This is the most primitive and cost-effective form of ownership, yet provides the least long-term benefits and exposes the owner to liability, tax reporting requirements, estate taxes and Foreign Investment in Real Property Tax Act (“FIRPTA”) withholding tax. However, many purchasers are more interested in owning one of the many historic townhouses that can still be found throughout …

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Globalisation has led to many successful families and their interests becoming international in profile.A RIC that satisfies certain additional distribution requirements will generally be taxed as a pass-through entity that acts as a partial “conduit” of income to its shareholders. from the University of California, Berkeley, and his J. Such conduit treatment is achieved by allowing a qualifying RIC to deduct the amount of dividends paid to its shareholders in computing the RIC's taxable income and gains, with the result that the RIC's distributed net income and gains can be passed through to its shareholders free of tax at the RIC level. Generally, the effective date of a check-the-box election cannot be more than 75 days prior to the date on which the election is filed. These requirements may be met if: The conversion from a corporation into a partnership or disregarded entity pursuant to a check-the-box election results in a deemed liquidation of the corporation on the day immediately preceding the effective date of the election.Distributions of property in liquidation of the corporation generally are treated as taxable events, as if the shareholders sold their stock back to the corporation in exchange for the corporation’s assets.Converting Subpart F Income into Qualified Dividends U. shareholders of foreign corporations are generally not subject to tax on the earnings of such corporations until the earnings are repatriated to the shareholders in the form of a dividend.

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