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The key is to choose the right Meta intent, you have to define the conversation.

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Swinggcat undergroundbookof datingsecrets

A rising seduction guru in his own right, he was ranked as the number one pickup guru by Joseph Matthews (aka Thundercat) in his popular blog, "Thundercat's Seduction Lair".

According to Swinggcat, an up-and-coming dating guru and seduction specialist, most of these 'self-help for men' products were fundamentally flawed."Some of these books and audio courses have some great ideas," he said.

I am sure some of you have heard other dating experts and gurus talk about the importance of believing you are the PRIZE.

The problem is that many of these same experts are only teaching guys how to GAME women--game women in the sense of the man being a hunter who must entrap the PRIZE (the hot beautiful woman of value).

Now being the PRIZE and making beautiful women chase you is deeper than just getting laid more (if your goal is just to get laid more, go to Tai Land and fuck a dozen hookers).

However, if you have a desire to not only sleep with hot women, but also to master the skills for making beautiful women see you as a PRIZE they want to chase, then read on.

Little is known about Josh's background as he prefers to maintain his anonymity and keep his personal life separate from his dating, pick up artist and seduction activities.

He has been based in Los Angeles, California for the last two decades.

In Neil Strauss' The Game, Swinggcat is portrayed by the character Grimble.

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