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Brian and his wife, both in their early forties, like to meet new couples privately over dinner and drinks to talk and gauge mutual interest in trading partners for sex. The allure of swinging isn’t so much sex with someone new but that “vibe in the air which adds to an encounter,” he says. Consensual, recreational sex within the confines of matrimony.There are people who cheat their partners with someone of the same sex as they are either and what to experiment.

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They said their antics often made rock stars appear tame, citing an incident in which they borrowed Status Quo’s tour bus as an example.

“When we gave them it back they said 'blinking heck, this is worse than if we'd lent it to a rock show, and this is a kids' show out on the road',” Ian said.

Ian said: "I was a bit punchy I suppose, when I was in my thirties.

Yes (I punched Paul Daniels), but that's not really a bad thing is it?

You don’t know how the night is going to end.” QUIZ: “Let’s face it, it’s easy for a married couple to fall into a day-to-day rut.

Work, kids, house chores, bills, repeat…,” Brian says.

Look through cyber history or phone bills and credit cards bills to detect any difference in your partner and get proof of it. People who have affairs are not a new phenomenon but definitely on the rise.

The approximate number in the limelight who broke up this year in 2010 are close to 10 to 15 for sure, Tony Parker and Eva Longoria is the latest to be heard of breakups in Hollywood.

International Swinger community's Flag, created by Ted Williams and Emilio Designs Graphic Design Enaver.

Red rings represent the passion and unbreakable bond between the couple, the yellow background represents the light and fire of desire, the blue color of the vastness of the sky Swinging can take place in a number of contexts, ranging from spontaneous sexual activity involving partner swapping at an informal gathering of friends to planned regular social meetings to "hooking up" with like-minded people at a sex club (also known as a swinger club, not to be confused with a strip club).

"I think he must have said something to contradict something I was saying.

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