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The card game is called 'Taco Takeover' and it is easy enough for anyone over the age of six to play and enjoy.

Tom Yum Goong in Thailand The oldest form of sushi, dating back to 7th century Japan, is known as narezushi.

This sushi began as salted fish that was fermented over many weeks.

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It was not until the 10th century that the fish was stuffed with rice before the fermentation process.

This stuffed, fermented fish had a very pungent smell and is considered the ancestor of modern-day sushi, which can be defined as β€œvinegar rice served with other ingredients.” Futomaki – This is the thick, fat roll of sushi that is usually cut into seven or eight pieces.

This led Incrucio to create a casual card game out of the ridiculous profiles he encountered.

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