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Question: A child was injured in an accident and has become a paraplegic.

The child must use crutches on a permanent basis, most likely for the rest of his life.

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There is polite, hesitant laughter from the packed gymnasium at St. Is it okay to laugh at a blind joke, even if the teller is blind? “You’re the most attractive audience I’ve ever seen,” she quips.

Molly stands, petite and poised, under the basketball net at one end of the gym.

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But when she gets to the part about the bullying—and the one incident in particular that made her see suicide as the only way out—several girls cover their mouths with their hands.

According to the latest stats, at least one in three of Molly’s audience members has been bullied, too.

I often see people struggle with sharing their health online. When really ill, it can be difficult to see the beauty around you, but it is there, even if it’s just a gorgeous sunset.

Needing the support from their friends when their body and parts of their life feel like they are out of control. If someone is sharing their personal pain online with their friends, the pain. The other thing I’ve decided is that it’s important to try to keep a balance.

I was in bad shape, and didn’t have a clue as to how I could right the ship, so to speak.

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