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Today, most browser vendors are integrating capabilities once provided by plugins directly into browsers and deprecating plugins.

The elimination of Flash and Flash Player should not heavily impact most users because popular browsers have already moved away from the format.

Starting with mac OS Sierra and Safari 10, Apple disabled Adobe Flash by default to focus on HTML 5, and Flash has never been available on Apple's i OS devices.

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Modern smart TVs often have “features” that inspect what you’re watching and report it back to some company’s servers.

This data can be sold to marketers, or it could be tied to you somehow to create a better ad-targeting profile.

Since you don't have to carry it around, though, it really doesn't matter much.

Since the footprint the Apple TV takes up in your living room—or meeting room or school room—hasn't changed, if you had a previous generation, unless you had the first generation, whatever cabinet or shelf or stand you had it on will still be as good a fit as always.

This tracking doesn’t just apply to the smart TV’s apps — even if you plug in a Roku or Apple TV and stream something from Netflix, the TV can analyze the picture it’s displaying and report that data back.

It may report back on the channel number you’re watching if you’re watching live TV, or the filenames of local video files on a USB drive plugged into your smart TV.Unlike 2012, however, when the size stayed exactly the same, this year's fourth generation Apple TV has grown up. It's still 98 mm (3.9 inches) square, but it's 35 mm (1.4 inches) tall now.That's an increase of 16 mm (0.5 inches) from the last model, and it makes it heavier as well, at 425 g (0.9 lbs), an increase of 153 g (0.3 lbs).If you want i Tunes, Netflix, and more on your television, Siri voice control and full-on apps, you want the new Apple TV. The biggest change, of course, was from the 2007 Apple TV to the 2010.The 2015 Apple TV box looks identical to the 20 Apple TV boxes, at least from the top. Not only did the box shed it's "lobot" version of OS X Tiger for i OS under the hood, it shed its old, wide, hard drive-encasing silver enclosure for the little black number that it's kept ever since.Smart TVs also have questionable security protections.

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