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For those of you who dont know what a speed date is, its 20 guys, 20 girls.Once thats done, the guys get up and move on to the next table and speak with a different girl. its like 20 dates, but compressed in a 2 hour dating frenzy.

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“One couple is set to get married this weekend, and two more have gotten engaged. “If all the participants that have agreed to come do show up, I would say it would be the biggest halal speed dating event ever,” she added.

Halal Speed Dating, which was founded by Munirah and her husband Zuhri Yuhyi last year, has been self-described as the “anti-Tinder”, whereby instead of casual hookups, it aims to help participants find potential marriage partners.

It’s an interesting twist to a regular speed dating event.

Every year, Hati-Hati organises a speed dating event for single KL-ites who are looking for a new and interesting way to meet other single KL-ites.

But are these expedients going to last long or will we be laughing about them in a few years?

Meanwhile, the moment of finding a better alternative has come: Single’s Mixers!

Meeting your potential better half in such a lively city as Kuala Lumpur can be easier than you thought!

Family and friends have always been the easiest way of making romantic connections, the future partner to be in question would have been a friend or a relative of a friend or a friend’s friend; thus making the union easier and the acceptance of this stranger quick into the fold.

If you’re already in a relationship, then this article is not for you.

Instead, why don’t you check our other article: 14 romantic restaurants to celebrate Valentine’s Day in KL and Selangor. This Valentine’s day, instead of staying home and binge watching TV while your friends are out being all cuddly and romantic with their partners, why don’t you head on over to one of these five exciting events for people who are unattached and ready for some fun! Here’s how it works; the ladies get a lock, the gents get a key.

One of the biggest challenges that Halal Speed Dating has been facing, according to Munirah, is the lower male turnout.

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