Snsd tiffany and taeyeon dating dating an identical twin

A.-based Asian-American talent show called "Kollaboration", at a Korean festival.

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We avoid what the other person dislikes and we know each other well.

We don’t provoke one another because we know the other person’s dislikes. Even if she gets mad, I know what I can do to loosen her up.

‘Dispatch’ says they also spotted the two on several dates including before the concert as well as after the concert on the 26th and on the 28th before Girls’ Generation’s leave for Japan.

Baekhyun would also meet Taeyeon near her dorm as well.

Like a close group of friends who start marrying off as soon as one falls, the members of SNSD are collecting boyfriends like they’re about to go out of style.

This time, it’s Taeyeon and label-mate Baekhyun of EXO.

When you decide on an album concept, do you have input? Before the record is open, I show the unedited versions of album photos or music video to Tiffany.

(Laughs) So I think I end up moving my hands at least because of this.

M Entertainment representative, who invited her to audition at the company–she was accepted as a trainee.

[TRANS] Taeyeon Interview in K WAVE, March 2016 - Taeyeon/Tiffany Compilation Q.

It has already been over 10 year since we’ve lived together.

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