Livesex messege chat - Should christians use online dating services

I was raised in a church with pretty traditional and rigid views regarding courtship, marriage, and gender roles.

The Holy Bible does not make any direct or indirect reference to dating services.

In actual fact, the Bible does not indicate the process Christians should use in searching for potential soul partners, or whichever method Christians should during dating or courtship.

I’d always assumed that this biblical principle pretty much cancels out Christians utilizing dating sites to find a potential mate.

I remember cringing during Christian Mingle commercials, especially at their famous slogan, “Sometimes we wait for God to make the next move when God is saying, ‘it’s your time to act.” In my mind, it was simply “unbiblical” and unheard of for Christians to be hooking up on dating sites.

No, Jacob and Rachel didn’t have the option of hopping on the web and making a love connection, but what if they did?

Would it have made their union any less valid or biblical?

Of course, christians use online dating sites to find their mates.

There are many other christian online dating sites. Its essential to check out reviews of various online dating sites and then go for the ones with the best feedback by users.

Before the means of dating are addressed, the loneliness and isolation of a generation need to be realized. Check back every day to discover something new you might have missed, and to join in the conversation in the comments below.

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