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From making my own perfume at Musee de Parfum to visiting the K Pop mecca known as SMTown, here's how I spent 48 hours in Seoul's glimmering district.

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) yeoja New Directions: Bap bap ba ra pa pa Tina (New Directions): Naneun sanai (Ah, ah, ah) Jeomjanha boijiman nol ttaen noneun sanai (Oh, oh) Ttaega doemyeon wanjeon michyeobeorineun sanai (Ah, ah, ah) Geunyukboda sasangi ultungbultunghan sanai (Oh, oh) Geureon sanai New Directions: Bap bap ba da ba ba Tina with New Directions (New Directions): Areumdawo sarangseureowo Geurae neo (Hey! Tina with New Directions: Oppan Gangnam Style Bap bap ba da ba ba Eh, sexy lady Op, op, op, op Oppan Gangnam Style Eh, sexy lady Op, op, op, op Bap bap ba da ba ba Oppan Gangnam Style Uh!

The New Rachel Call Me Maybe • Americano/Dance Again • Never Say Never New York State of Mind • It's Time • Chasing Pavements Britney 2.0 Hold It Against Me • Boys/Boyfriend • Womanizer • 3 • Crazy/U Drive Me Crazy Oops!

And if you’ve heard the song, it's hard to forget its wackiness and catchy lyrics: “Heyyy! Exports have been growing at an average annual rate of nearly 80 percent since 2007. 3, PSY announced he had signed with Scooter Braun’s School Boy Records, which represents Justin Bieber as well as Carly Rae Jepsen of “Call Me Maybe” fame. Plus, the TODAY show announced PSY will perform live on Sept. It’s one of the most popular videos in the history of Google's You Tube. Upper East Side plus Beverly Hills minus tradition; or I’d rather say it’s more like ‘Dubai’ built on Korean cabbage and Korean pear fields,” writes Jea Kim, the author of the blog My Dear Korea.

” Move Over Bieber — Korean Pop Goes Global) PSY, who attended both Boston University and the Berklee College of Music, is both part of — and a critic of — “K-pop.” The industry’s revenues hit about $3.4 billion in 2011, according to the Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA), a government group that promotes the country’s cultural initiatives. On Tuesday, Britney Spears learned the horse-riding dance on “Ellen,” taught by none other than PSY himself, a surprise guest.

“Oppan Gangnam style” translates to “I’m Gangnam style.” "Oppan" is a Korean expression used by women to refer to older males.

But, Kim points out, PSY refers to himself in the third person; and he keeps saying he lives or loves the Gangnam life.

The single currently sits at #65 on i Tunes’ most popular downloads chart, above of tracks from Usher, Taylor Swift, and Coldplay.

It was just a matter of time before fitness enthusiasts capitalized on the thigh-burning effects of the Gangnam Style dance.

After Jake and Ryder consult who's doing the dance solo with Brittany, Finn wishes the group good luck as they take the stage with Gangnam Style.

Tina takes lead on the song as the rest of the club performs an elaborate dance routine, based around the dance moves from the original music video. ) Tina: Jigeumbuteo gal dekkaji gabol Tina with New Directions (Tina): Ka ka ka ka ka!

He’s apparently not sure: "Oh I'm getting that question a lot," he told NY1 on Monday.

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