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In certain classrooms, there will be a non-Catholic co-facilitator.

Something I hope you know is true, and the theme of this episode.

I have a friend who has pet goats and they are delightful. My first nubian doe, who was dehorned, climbed the pen that had always kept her in to charge through the yard and attempt to attack a friends pit bull that my friend left in her pick-up cab. Ive seen even small dogs, raised with and cats, become little parti-coloured wolves the very first time they see a goat -much to the shock and chagrin of their owners.

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When I was growing up, we had a dozen lamancha and saanan nanny goats.

^ (Dermott) Ivor/post/80128644047/an-open-letter-to-my-community“100% consensual”“did” Response ”[…]“together”bored. auto-tune.”““apology” that basically says: “once”So i googled a friend I hadnt seen in years. Sobered me up that I have to take my time more seriously.

We had a good connection and were into each other for a while.

There are 11 main topics that will be discussed and deepened in 15 classrooms.

Each topic will be facilitated by a facilitator who will be accompanied by 1-2 co-facilitator(s) and a team of animators.

I just finished reading this today and was pretty impressed with it.

If you're looking for a frequently hilarious commentary on human sexuality and the transition to adulthood, you will enjoy this book greatly.

I remember when I first came across Sophie Calle’s Take Care Of Yourself: a crowdsourced collection of 107 artistic interpretations of a break-up email she got, it was so revelatory to me.

Something about a community of women coming together to create a collective homage to lost love (and kind of a giant Fuck You) made me realize I wasn’t resigned to a lifetime of refreshing my ex’s tagged photos on Instagram, instead I could actually make something out of my pain.

She has a witty satiric style with rich vocabulary that can be a difficult read at times.

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