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In fact I think many gay people half believed — because they were told so often — that if you were gay you couldn’t have a relationship.”The docu-drama interweaves testimonies from men such as Locklear, who speak about having to keep their sex lives private for fear of being imprisoned and/or treated with chemical aversion therapy to change their sexuality, according to BBC Two. S., which was using sodomy laws to specifically attack gay people into the 1970s, and only fully decriminalized sodomy laws about 14 years ago.

A former police officer who enforced these laws and a psychiatric nurse who treated gay men were also interviewed. If we wanted to celebrate 50 years of officially making gay legal here, we'd have to wait until 2053.

Channel 4 has acquired access to videotapes made at Kensington Palace in 19, in which Diana discussed intimate details of her personal life with her voice coach, the UK-based American actor Peter Settelen.

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One man wrote on Facebook that “I condemn the act but cover yourselves up, this one was easy to undress.” Moroccan charity Don't Touch My Child called for any witnesses to come forward “to bring to justice this barbaric horde who shamefully attacked a young women”.

Public transport company M'Dina Bus condemned the incident and said it was collaborating with authorities in the north African kingdom, which is trying to attract investors and tourists by presenting itself as a safe haven.

The spokeswoman said: “At a time when everybody is going to be reflecting on her [Diana’s] life and the approaching 20th anniversary of her death, we feel it is important to hear from her directly, and we are placing her voice front and centre.

“Everything we are airing is carefully contextualised, placed within a historical framework, supported by interviews with those who were closest to her.” The controversial videotapes were recorded on a camcorder during the 16 months Mr Settelen spent as Princess Diana’s voice coach, helping her overcome her shyness and improve her public speaking.

On Monday the Moroccan authorities said they had arrested six boys aged 15 to 17 for their “presumed implication in the woman's aggression” and put them under investigation.

While the video sparked widespread condemnation on social and local media, some users accused the woman of having “provoked the men with indecent clothing”.Sexual harassment and abuse of women is rife in Morocco where a national survey found that nearly two-thirds of women had experienced physical, psychological, sexual or economic abuse.Earlier in August a video showing a mob of men hounding a young woman on a street in Tangier caused uproar in the media.The idea that gay sex should be illegal seems antiquated, so it's a surprise to realize that men who lived in fear from these laws are still alive, and that they were changed in the U. Extracts from a series of video recordings during which Princess Diana discussed her sex life with Prince Charles are to be broadcast on British television for the first time.Locals believe their village is being used as a 'dumping ground' for dangerous criminals.

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