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No wonder: This view of the "land of smiles " simply makes one smile!

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Paris This streaming camera transports you from wherever you are to the Eiffel Tower enabling you to be there live.

Florida's balmy temperatures are perfect for nude swimming or soaking up the sun in your birthday suit.

For those who just want to relax, there are beautiful beaches, wonderful views and, of course, shopping facilities.

From The Peninsula’s roof you can see all across the City of Angels, as Bangkok is often translated.

More than 8 million souls live in this splendid metropolis, where the Modern meets traditional high culture, which has more than 400 Buddhist Wats and Temples to offer, that give rise to a unique skyline for the ultimate cultural experience.

Vu to transport visitors from around the world to Queenstown with incredible HD streaming video.

The Kingdom of Thailand is a country in Southeast Asia.

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Explore the Hall of Fame to see the best images from our worldwide network of live streaming video and megapixel cameras.

Enjoy watching great live images from the lovely beach of the Phuket island of Thailand.

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